Spin Palace Close Account Procedure Explained

Spin Palace casino has plenty of cool games to offer, generous promotions and a mobile friendly website that is a pleasure to navigate. That’s why most of those who play here enjoy this activity for a long time and have no intention to quit.

Having said this, the Spin Palace close account option is always available for those who want to put an end to their online gambling. There are plenty of reasons for why this could happen and the casino provides members with a clear path towards self-exclusion.

Those who choose to play here can expect to find an operator that adheres to the highest responsible gambling standards. This means that the casino will provide players with the tools to learn more about the threats of gambling addiction and the way to stay safe. Spin Palace support can provide players with assistance if they need help, so they enjoy the games without taking unnecessary risks.

Stay on the Safe Side with Spin Palace

The Spin Palace close account option is a solution of last resort, which is supposed to be used when everything else fails. Well before players resort to the drastic measure of deleting account, they have ways to keep their gaming habits in check and mitigate the risks of addiction. In the beginning, they can go over a survey that helps them established their profile as a gamer. This is a fun step, which doesn’t take long, so it’s worth considering it even before you play the first casino game here.

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Spin Palace Casino has a reliable self exclusion program which can be activated immediately. Those who decide that it is time to take a temporary break from gambling, can lock their account. During this time, they won’t be provided with any promotional material, so it will be easier for them to stay away from casino games.

One of the options is to take a minimum of 24 hours, to cool off and reconsider your gaming actions. The alternative for those who feel that this is not enough is to extend the self exclusion period to as much as six months.

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