Spin Palace Casino Bonus

What Spin Palace Casino Bonus Options Can Players Use?

A player who wants to get money to use at the Spin Palace casino can take advantage of all sorts of Spin Palace casino bonus offers. A great Spin Palace casino bonus will allow anyone to earn money that can be used at the casino. Here are some of the bonuses that players can get.

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The most widely promoted bonus at the Spin Palace casino is the welcome bonus. This is where a player will earn $1,000 in free money. A player can get this bonus by downloading the software for the casino, installing it and then getting an account. The account will be credited with a bonus automatically.

The $1,000 will work with five different points:

  1. The first deposit will feature a 100% bonus of up to $150 in value. This will allow a player to potentially double one’s first deposit.
  2. A 25% bonus will work on the second deposit. This will be for up to $125.
  3. The third deposit will have a 50% bonus. This bonus will be up to $100 in value.
  4. The Sunday Special will work for an entire year. This will allow a player to get 100 free spins on the casino’s Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword slot machine on each Sunday for a full year.
  5. The last part of the bonus will be an anniversary bonus that is given on a player’s first year anniversary with the Spin Palace casino. This Spin Palace casino bonus will match 100% of a deposit of up to $105.

Spin Palace Casino Bonus
Get Your 100% Match Spin Palace Casino Bonus

Overall, these bonuses will result in up to $1,000 in free money. This will be a great deal that can last for a while.

There is also the Magic Strike bonus promotion. The big point about this Spin Palace casino bonus is that there is no telling when this promotion will be offered to players. The Spin Palace Casino will give out bonuses of $50 to random players at varying times during the day. These bonuses will be given to people who are actually playing at the casino at the time. Players who get these Magic Strike bonuses will be notified by email.

There is also a special $1,000 bonus on any progressive jackpot of greater than $25,000. This bonus will be automatically given out to a player who wins at least $25,000 off of one of the progressive games at the casino.

These are all great bonuses that players can use at the Spin Palace casino. These Spin Palace Casino Bonus options will allow players of all types of game more money to use at the casino. These are some of the most unique things for any player to get into when playing at the casino.