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Get Ready for the Thrills of Spin Palace Spanish Blackjack

Spin palace Spanish Blackjack is more than a welcomed distraction for those who enjoy table games. It is an original game inspired by the classic version of blackjack, with tweaked rules that keep it fresh and unique game mechanics. Microgaming is the software developer behind this version of online blackjack, so players can expect a fair game that looks great on all devices.

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When you play Spin palace Spanish Blackjack you’re invited to choose the slow or medium speeds, based on your play style. Veterans can speed up the game and play in the fastest mode, while enjoying the same low house edge and exciting gameplay. A total of eight virtual decks of cards are used, but there are no 10 cards in play, to make it more exciting. In exchange, players can unveil ‘Bonus 21’ hands that pay more, which makes this blackjack version one of the most lucrative of all Spin Palace casino games.

Players who make 21-point hands with five or more cards will receive extra payments, similar to bonus games in slots. They can also activate the Double Down Rescue feature which allows them to fold after doubling down, if the odds are stacked against them. The bottom line is that anyone who enjoys the classic version of blackjack is likely to have a lot of fun playing Spin palace Spanish Blackjack.

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