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I’m not interested in an exclusive bonus.
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Spin Palace Casino VIP Bonus Program

Spin Palace casino VIP is at the top of the loyalty leader board that rewards the most active players. As soon as they sign up for an account and join the casino, players receive bonuses and gain access to a broad spectrum of special offers. Occasional and recurrent campaigns allow players to add significant amounts to their fledgling bankrolls. The casino has saved the best for last and the biggest rewards are offered to those who have proved their commitment.

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The Spin Palace VIP bonus is just like the name suggests, only available to players who have been admitted to the VIP club. These are the ones who reap all the benefits of their exceptional promotions and gain access to exclusive events. The Platinum Loyalty tier acts as a gateway to restricted campaigns and other special offers that regular players can only dream of. Players will have their Loyalty Club status elevated to the corresponding VIP level, so they hit two birds with one stone.

A World of Spin Palace VIP Casino Benefits Awaits

Those who are admitted to the Spin Palace Casino VIP Club will accumulate 40% extra loyalty points. This has a two-pronged effect, on one hand propelling them to new highs, on the other helping players retain their VIP placement. All those who make it this far will enjoy unrestricted access to the exclusive Palace Group tournaments spanning across the entire network of casinos.

Spin Palace Casino VIP Decription Spin Palace Casino VIP Bonus Program

It is not only the size of the promotions and bonuses that makes the effort of attaining VIP status worthwhile. Elite players also benefit from faster withdrawals, shorter processing times and no commission on any transaction. As for the exclusive events, they go well beyond special tournaments and include luxurious trips abroad and access to lavish parties. Last but definitely not least, the professional assistance of a casino manager catering to all your needs 24/7 will make you feel like a celebrity.