Spin Palace Casino December 2015 Promotions

Dear gamer, is casino gaming getting dull and boring for you these days? Your wait is over! The Spin Palace Casino December 2015 Promotions have arrived to paint lively colours to your usual black n’ white casino gaming experiences! Ready those gaming rigs and gadgets of yours, and prep them for the awesomeness of the new Spin Palace Live Casino games. Together with the fresh casino bonuses and rewards, our improved live dealer games shall bring players the most realistic casino gaming experience yet.

Spin Palace Opens Live Dealer Casino

The Spin Palace Casino December 2015 Promotions do not start and end with only casino bonus packages; it starts with a bang – with new major features for the casino: introducing the Spin Palace Live Casino! With our dedication to quality, as shown in our Spin Palace Casino slots games and Spin Palace Casino mobile platform, we will certainly deliver the same or greater quality when we release the Live Casino:

The Power of 3: Spin Palace’s Casino Rewards Raised to the 3rd Level

We have powered up our standard casino bonus package into an incredible €1000 in total! For our updated Spin Palace December 2015 Promotions, we have laid out the generous bonuses in three (3) separate renditions:

  • 1st Rendition Reward – When you open account with Spin Palace Casino and as soon as you make your first deposit, you will be qualified for a 100% Spin Palace bonus worth up to €250. See the example below:
    • [deposit amount] €200 + [Rendition 1 bonus] (200*1.00) = €400 (total casino credits to take effect)
  • 2nd Rendition Reward – On your second deposit, you will earn the right to claim a 25% match bonus of up to €300. Look at the example below:
    • [deposit amount] €200 + [Rendition 2 bonus] (200*.25) = €250 (total casino credits to take effect)
  • 3rd Rendition Reward – The bonuses do not end with those, for the third level reward is still here! On your third cash deposit, you will be eligible to a 50% match bonus of up to €450. To illustrate, look at the sample computation below:
    • [deposit amount] €200 + [Rendition 3 bonus] (200*.50) = €300 (total casino credits to take effect)

We always aim to please you and all our players, and we will do our best not to disappoint you. So stay tuned to our website and create your very own Spin Palace account ASAP!